Consulting services

Steinar H. Sunde AS offer consulting services for our core products in cooperation with our partners.

Explosion safety

REMBE® GmbH has more than 45 years of world wide experience in consulting, engineering and manufacturing of rupture discs and explosionb safety systems In cooperation with them we can offer on-site consultations, make analyzis, crerate reports of identified issues and offer custom tailored solutions.

Pipe support

LISEGA SE is a world leaading manufacturer of spring hangers, spring supports, dynamic components and pipe clamps. LISEGA SE have developed their own software LICAD® for use for design and calculation of pipe supportsm, clamps and shock absorbers.for piping. We can assist with drawings, calculations and training of personnell We can also assist with stress calculations for piping through our partners.

Vibration control

VICODA GmbH is an expert on all types of vibration control and structural bearing technology. In cooperation with them we can assist with consulting and development of customized solutions for heavy machinery, pumps, pipe systems, bridges and windmills in the renewable energy sector.

Special valve design

Téchne s.r.l is a well renown manufacturer of valves and other machined parts. As a part of our complete valve scope, we offer custom made valves for demanding applications in cooperation with our partner Klyde Consultants.

Procedures for valves

In cooperation with our partner Klyde Consultants we can offer procedures for maintenance, use and preservation of valves.