Téchne s.r.l.

Téchne s.r.l. is a quality machining company in Italy that for years have designed and machined parts for many of the large valve manufacturers. In partnership with Klyde Consultants we have developed special products that is sold by Steinar H. Sunde AS.

Téchne greasenipples

To eliminate some of the problems with common greasenipples, Sealweld and Téchne have developed a new type of greasenipples. Seen from the outside they are not much different. The big difference is on the inside.
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Téchne Specialty valves

Téchne have designed several specialty valves. Their auxiliary (AXY) valves for maintenance and testing of larger valves. To be able to do maintenance and test ball and gate valves inline,you have to have axcess to the valves cavity for for pressure relief and injection of cleaners and sealants. This has proven cost savings for the end-user.
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Téchne balanced needlevalves

Téchne hve developed their own solution for balanced needlevalves for instrumentation. The valve can more easilly be operated with minimal force with full pressure, and with no wear on the stem threads.
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