Grayloc® Products Ltd

Grayloc® Products Ltd. is manufacturing the Clamp Connector and Contact Flanges which has become a standard within the process industry.
Clamp connectors and Compact Flanges are widely used in many industrial segments and particularly in the oil & gas business, where stringent quality, precision and low weight is important.

Clamp Connectors
Clamp Connectors are lighter, smaller, faster to make and brake than conventional flanges.
With clamps instead of bolt holes, refabrication of pipe spools becomes easier.
The components are manufactured in all common material qualities, sizes and pressure classes and we can supply customized solutions including remote operated clamps for installation in hazardous and personell restyricted areas.
Steinar H. Sunde AS has built up a comprehensive stock of Grayloc® products.

Compact Flanges
Grayloc® Compact Flanges has incorporate the Grayloc®  well proven metal-to-metal sealing technology in a bolted and flanged solution including the Grayloc® seal ring in a compact flange design that provides a solution with significant space and weight savings and it outperforms conventional flanges.

Steinar H. Sunde AS is the exclusive partner for Grayloc® in Norway.