Valley Precision Global (VPG) has developed rapid repair clamp ((Rapid Response Clamp) for temporary repairs of piping. The clamp is unique in its design and can be mounted in less than 60 seconds without any tools. Then you can repair the pipe at a later and more suitable time.

Supplied in 8 sizes covering pipe dimensions from 38 to 930mm (1.1/2’’-36")
Supplied in 3 pressure classes. Commercial (10bar). Milspec (20bar) og HP40 (40bar)
Supplied in 4 withs (Single (70mm), Dual (148mm), Triple (210mm) og Quad (272mm)
Supplies with 2 types of seal materials. Nitril (-20oC to 115oC) and Viton (-260oC til 205oC)

Steinar H. Sunde AS represent VPG in Norway.